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The Demartini Method ® Creating a Saving Culture
A tool for mastering your business and personal relationships.
Financial laws and principles for building wealth.
Professional Speaking Finance Transformation
Overcome the fear of public speaking and succeed.
The changing role of the finance function.


Meeting checklist
Attending and hosting business meetings is a daily activity. Whether you are a guest at the meeting or are arranging it as the Meeting Chairman - use this tool as a guide to ensure that you get the best out of your meetings.

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Phone-call etiquette checklist

Business communication is on the go! Whether you are communicating using a cell-phone; land-line; voice-mail message or conducting a tele or video conference – there are certain business rules to abide by!

Use this tool to teach and remind you of the subtle business etiquette that you are expected to know when communicating on the move.

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Value determinant tool
What we value in life, drives our behaviour, our actions and ultimately our experiences. When confused about why you do things the way you do, a value analysis on you and your life, will give you great insights.

Understanding what you value and how this differs from the people around you, will also elevate the way you communicate with them, resulting in more caring relationships.

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CV / Cover Page and Sample
Use this CV and cover letter template to professionally summarise your work history within 3-4 pages.

Download the CV and Cover sample

Download the CV Template

Interview Questionaire
Attending an interview, knowing that your future career could be impacted in some way is stressful enough!

Take some of the stress out of attending interviews by thinking and preparing in advance for some of the more common interview questions, which you will find in this tool.

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Presentation Insights
Compiling a high impact presentation and speaking in front of a group is an important quality of business professionals.

Use this tool as a checklist to help you structure; prepare and deliver your presentation with confidence.

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Business Event Etiquette
The objective of business functions is to bring people together. However, at business functions your mannerisms and behaviour is on display for others to observe. A business function that was meant to bring people together can often result in damaging working relationships.

Use this tool as a guideline to remind you of all the subtle social and meal etiquette that should be followed when attending a business event.

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