Dineshrie Pillay’s Self-Empowerment Programme
Unlock your true potential
Master strategies for attaining higher self-esteem and willpower.
If this is you and you want to live your life to your highest potential
then read on!
This revolutionary programme helps you to move out of your COMFORT ZONE  and demolish the HIDDEN BELIEF PATTERNS that have been holding you back to CLAIM THE LIFE YOU DESERVE.
Become the “Winner” in your own game of life in just a few short weeks.
“Unlock your true potential” is a 13-part audio programme that transforms your thinking patterns in all areas of your life. It helps you to identify your specific behaviours that have been holding you back from achieving real success whilst at the same time giving you the tools on how to change those limiting behavious.
By the end of the programme you would have reformulated your self-beliefs, changed your perceptions about past painful events, released negative thoughts about yourself and opened up a path for you to live your life to how YOU would LOVE to live it!
This is timeless advice whether you are 19 or 90!
The Series Covers:
CD 1 Gaining Perspective
CD 2 Your voids drive your values
CD 3 Finding meaning in your life
CD 4 Career alignment
CD 5 Overcoming your fears
CD 6 Support structure
CD 7 Shifting responsibility
CD 8 Your hierachy of needs
CD 9 Your split personality
CD 10 The voices in your head
CD 11 It all about perspective
CD 12 Success multiplier
CD 13 Your new chapter in life begins

Complete one CD per week and in just 3 months you could be transformed into a completely new version of yourself!

The programme contains 450 minutes of content in high quality audio and is available to you online for an unlimited amount of time after you purchase it.
Just access the series online and listen to it on your computer, iPad or other mobile device whenever and wherever you want. You also have the option to download the MP3 audio files to play in your car and whilst you exercise so that you can use every spare minute to entrench this new mindset.
You will learn:
How your mind controls your thoughts, words and actions.
About your unique set of values that drive your behaviour on a daily basis.
The specific mindset of successful people.
How to align your career to your purpose in life.
How to spot thinking patterns that hold you back from achieving success.
How to rearrange your beliefs about you to create unlimited possibilities.
To rediscover your natural abilities and how to use these towards achieving lasting fulfillment.
Specific tools and methods to help you to overcome setbacks
A simple and effective guide to understanding your SPECIFIC personality – your buttons, your trigger points, your danger zones and how to manage them.
Your daily success blueprint the key to a lifetime of change, one day at a time. 
This is the opportunity right here – don’t let it pass you by…

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