To empower Individuals, Professionals, Business Owners and Managers within organisations with skills, technical knowledge, insights, tools and systems – so that they can become the next Influential Leader in Business and Society.
Our mission is to work with individuals, organisations, business associations and networks to provide high quality, intensive training on the subject of leadership. This training will take the form of public talks, seminars, conferences, workshops, online programmes and saleable products – thereby helping fellow professionals in business to elevate their Personal Leadership Brand.
“We develop leaders to be the ultimate Partner in Business”
We have created a proven system to help you to be an influential leader in business called, “The Business Partnering SolutionTM
In order to fulfill the company mission and purpose, the company has developed some unique principles, processes, policies and procedures that all contribute to form the Neospectives Consulting Company Culture.
  • 3 Basic Values and Beliefs
    o Strive for excellence;
    o Show respect to individuals;
    o Offer high quality service to our customers.
  • 24-Hour Rule
    o Answer stakeholder questions within 24 hours of the question being received.
  • Support-Challenge Methodology
    o Encourage growth of individual capability by offering a balance of support and challenge - allowing delegates to shift from existing comfort zones into a new career reality.
  • Sustainability
    o Support green initiatives that protect and conserve the environment.
  • Appreciation
    o Express gratitude to individuals and companies that form part of the organizational value chain.

Company name
Neo    : is a prefix signaling a "new" form or a revival of an old one.
Spectives : shortened from the word “perspectives”.
The “Person within the eye”
It is a commonly known phrase that, “the eyes are the gateway to the soul.”
The graphic reminds us that when we reflect upon our lives and constantly challenge ourselves to have more, do more, and be more – we are able to achieve success.
The “Swish” sign
Signifying a person moving forward within their career and in life.
A combined message
Just like the ‘Swish’ sign, in order for a person to move forward in life – they will require certain training, knowledge and skills in order to sustain a vibrant career. Learning and self-development is a life-long journey.
The training workshops and services provided would give you a new perspective, challenge your thinking, and guide you towards achieving career success and in doing so, you will experience a ‘revival’ of your former self.