“I really enjoyed spending time with Dineshrie. What I really liked about you was that you made yourself vulnerable to us by sharing your own experiences and thoughts – that made it easy for me to be open and not hold back. Overall, you are very good at what you are doing and there is no way that anyone could say that you don’t bring out the best out of them! Thank you so much Dineshrie”

Thandiwe Mkhetshane

“This was a very insightful and thought-provoking induction. I have learnt new skills and realised that more effort is needed in every aspect of being a professional – example public speaking, dress and dining skills. Truly an interesting course and a must-have! Was a pleasure meeting Dineshrie, who is a very interesting person – I have learnt a lot from her experiences. Thank you!”

Nadine Chetty

This powerful 3-Day programme will give all the tools and techniques to becoming the ultimate professional in business.
Most people start out in their career without the slightest idea of the full expectations of what it takes to be a professional in business.
Fast-track your learning curve and attend this programme.
Here is just a part of what you’ll learn:
  • How to manage your emotions
  • Professional etiquette in workplace
  • The top 9 negotiation tactics
  • Saving wealth for the future
  • Speaking & presentation techniques
  • How to manage your career
  • Communication & listening tools
  • Writing skills: basic & foundation
You’ll learn through high-impact processes, games, simulated exercises and experiential learning.
This programme will change your life – personally, professionally and financially.