“Dineshrie is a dedicated and well-organised professional who approaches her work with the utmost care and diligence. She is an integral part of Barloworld’s CA Training Programme, providing induction, soft-skills and simulation training courses which are in line with SAICA competencies.

Barloworld has outsourced these training functions to her for the past 2 years and we are very happy with her services and her professionalism in delivering the required reports accurately and timeously.

We will recommend her to any organisation seeking to improve its training programme in this regard.”

Mike Chen CA(SA)
Financial Manager & Training Officer for Barloworld Limited, SA


Vacation Camps

“This course gave me such a reality check on what to expect in the workplace. With such a diverse group of people in a company, it is easy to fade away if we do not make an effort to stand apart.”
T. Ngwenya
“The workshop wasvery insightful in relation to networking, career planning and wealth creation. Dineshrie was an excellent facilitator – consistently challenging me personally and in terms of my career and previous assumptions regarding the working world.
Overall – great course in terms of adjusting expectations, raising technical details of writing and always considering values when networking and communicating effectively.”
G. Issac

“I have learnt a lot in these past three days, it was fun and very educational. I have learnt very important skills that I will carry with me into the world of work. Skills such as, the manner in which I should conduct myself; how to act in an interview; how to write letters; and how to prepare my CV. You have really opened my eyes about very important things that we often ignore. I believe that I am now a step closer for work readiness. Thank you very much!

Efelo, UFS 3rd Year Graduate

“I am better equipped for the world of work and I have gained skills that provide me with a competitive advantage. I am aware of my personality, areas of development and strong characteristic. I can now embrace who I am and use my interpersonal skills and writing abilities more exceptionally. Most importantly, I have learnt the art of writing, speaking professional etiquette and goal setting. I feel empowered!”

D. Banyane, UFS 3rd Year Graduate

“The workshops were absolutely amazing. I saw people break through to a greater dimension of their being. It is truly amazing to see what a little encouragement and just a little push can do. Thank you so much!”

C. Adams, UFS 3rd Year Graduate

“Communication skills – I have learnt to overcome my fear of speaking in front of people. Writing Skills: I learnt how to write letters of request; complaints and the principles of how to respond to these!”

T. Rebecca Mthombeni, NMMU 3rd Year Graduate

“I have learnt so much about myself and about professionalism. I have also stepped out of my comfort zone. It was amazing!”

J. Joubert, NMMU 3rd Year Graduate

“My communication skills have from attending the workshop. I learnt a lot about myself, my peers, and the business world. I also gained a lot of knowledge on self-assertiveness.”

P. Nkosi, UFS 3rd Year Graduate

“Day 1 was very informative and taught me new things about myself. Day 2 taught me skills that are very important for a young person who is about to enter the corporate world. Day 3 helped me to clear up a lot of the questions I had about my career.”

B.L. Nkuna, UFS 3rd Year Graduate

“I learnt a lot about myself. The communication workshop was very beneficial. My presentation skills improved. The interview workshop really broadened my approach to the interview process.”

T. Thamaha, NMMU 3rd Year Graduate

“I have learnt to speak in front of people and how to pay attention to a person talking to you.” I have also learnt how to prepare a CV and an interview.”

Anon, NMMU 3rd Year Graduate

“We were taught in a more practical way and the facilitator was experienced. I learnt about self-awareness and the importance of knowing myself. The workshop also helped me to face my fears about public speaking. I learnt how to conduct myself in the workplace and how to remain professional at all times.”

V. Mayekiso, UFS 3rd Year Graduate

“I have gained a lot of knowledge and skills by attending this soft-skill training. It also gave me the confidence to stand in front of people to deliver a presentation.”

T. Justice, UFS 3rd Year Graduate

“I gained presentation skills and tips. I also got the opportunity to present in front of the group which was quite a challenge.”

P. Mabusela, UFS 3rd Year Graduate

“You attend a lot of workshops and development sessions and all you have is information. With this type of training, you will learn and put into practice all the skills you have attained. It is more than just gaining knowledge, it is experience, and I enjoy the ‘work by example’ style of workshops. Thank you!”

M. Ntshili, UFS 3rd Year Graduate

“I gained listening, communication and writing skills. From the workshop I have learnt to have confidence in myself that helped my public speaking ability. This workshop helped me to be more outspoken.”

Anon, UFS 3rd Year Graduate

“This presentation changed the way I think. I was able to stand in front of people and deliver a presentation. I learnt a lot. Thank you!”

P. Meko, UFS 3rd Year Graduate 


Pervasive Skill Induction
“The workshop was insightful. It really helps to ease the transition between graduate and the working world.”

M. Moatshe
“The workshop was very insightful and informative. The skills that I learnt during the 6-Day programme will be very essential in my progress to becoming a well-rounded professional. I would recommend this workshop and Dineshrie’s services to any person who wishes to excel in their profession as well as grow personally as an individual.”

T. Shabangu
“I had an eye-opening experience on the workshop. I learnt a lot about myself and other people. I obtained professional skills that I will use in my career development. This is the best way to start my career development. PS Dineshrie – you are a blessing!”

M. Makhaya
“Neospectives provides essential professional skills to get your employees ready for work. All skills presented are carefully explained with numerous exercises to ensure understanding. Each skill taught is practical and will be necessary in your day-to-day work and personal life.”

N. Sibisi
“I have had a chance to reflect about: myself; the way I carry myself and what message I give out, just by my body language; my career and how I must manage it and understanding leadership. I have also learnt many useful skills such as: presentation skills; listening skills and negotiation skill. I feel I am at a good point to get into my career and feel better prepared for the road ahead.”

M. Moiloa

Emotional intelligence was well taught and explained to me. New generation (accountants as business partners) was an eye-opener. I discovered that I am more creative than I thought. CV and interview skills were also very beneficial as I will be updating my CV every 6 months from now!”

F. Makotsvana

“I have become more self-aware, I am inspired! I believe in myself and I am not scared to dream and to take the steps to live my dreams. I have learnt about SAICA and the training regulations and I have more knowledge about the CA career opportunities. The tips that I have received for the workplace can be used in any role, regardless of title!”

M. Ratshikhopha

“The entire workshop was extremely RELEVANT. I truly think that I will be using everything that I have learnt in one form or another. My confidence has been boosted enough to be able to assist myself in the workplace. Holistically the information on the course needs to be shared with EVERYONE. Basic skills that I thought I had have been re-introduced and entrenched. Thank you!”

K. Matshikwe

The training will help me make the transition from varsity to the work-place much faster. It also has helped me to gain confidence, especially with regard to public speaking and talking to senior managers. Overall the workshop helped to build my professional image.”
S. Makgamatha
“The session helped me to get over my anxieties about the workplace by helping me to understand what is expected of me and how I can prosper in the workplace.”
K. Koete
“After attending this training workshop, I have learnt to understand myself even better. I learnt how to set more realistic career goals. This training has inspired me to work on my personal wealth management.”
S. Maphumulo
“I have gained public speaking and presentation skills. I also learnt how to deal with stress and criticism. I have learnt how to communicate with others.”
S. Sikhonde
“I feel like I have more direction. My presentation skills have improved. It gave me insight into my personal wealth building gaps and ideas on how to improve.”
F. Zagorski
“The training was an eye-opener. It made me more self-aware and allowed me to look deeper inside of myself.”
W. Mallick
“It was very though-provoking and interesting. I enjoyed the activities that were helpful to entrench the knowledge. I would seriously recommend this training for all employees commencing with their careers.”
A. Ramsukh
“Overall, this workshop has highlighted a lot of areas fro me that needed improvements, but also gave me the tools. The workshop will enable me to be more professional in any work environment, for which I am grateful. We were challenged – always – and not just left to listen and attend. This forced me to think on our fee. I feel and know that after 6 days, I am walking out of this training already ‘grown’ and improved.”
N. Venter
“I have gained soft skills that will help me advance further in my career. I have gained confidence in my abilities. I have been able to get know myself better and also gained a lot of insights into career planning. I now know what my life purpose is and how to move in the direction that will enable me to achieve it.”
A. Mashigo
“The induction changed my way of thinking in terms of professionalism. I learnt a lot about myself as well as about; negotiation, communication and writing skills.”
N. Cele
“I have realized a lot about myself and I have acquired skills that will help me reach my goals.”
P.Z. Dlamini
“I am now more aware of myself. I feel empowered in terms of going out and achieving any goal of mine. I am equipped with structures and insight on how to conduct myself at work and communicate my thoughts. I feel more in touch with myself, and my surroundings. I have learnt to believe in my abilities and to not limit myself. I can now relate better to others by learning and trying to understand their perspective.”
A. Nagooroo
Public Speaking Boot Camp
“I enjoyed the presentation and the feedback that I received will help me to grow in future and overcome my fear of public speaking.
A. Mashigo
“I have grown so much in the way that I present and I found that the workshop equipped me with the necessary tools and feedback to allow that growth. The environment created is very conducive to learning. Very well done!”
B. Nagooroo
“All the skill that I have learnt here are life long skills to acquire. Dineshrie was very engaging – there was never a dull moment!”
L. Gumbi
“I enjoyed presenting and receiving development feedback. I also enjoyed listening to other people presenting and picked up more tips on public speaking.”
M. Ratshikhopha
“I enjoyed receiving communication and presentation skills. I also received honest comments on my presentation style. I enjoyed the group discussion and feedback session – it allowed us to be exposed to different viewpoints.”
P. Negrao
Conflict Resolution
“Calmness, Closure. I felt more in control of what was and is happening to me. This session was very interesting and mind opening. It has made me really ‘see things properly for the first time.” I am grateful for this as I felt I could finally deal with issues on a real level of understanding and finally clear them. Dineshrie is an amazing coach who makes me really think and get honest with myself and helps figure solutions with me so I never felt alone in this.”
U. Hasenkopf
“Dineshrie, Your singularity of purpose helped me successfully complete this process in spite of all the digressions and doubts which my mind wanted to create. You were patient, non-judgemental and very creative when it came to helping me seeing benefits and drawbacks. As for results, well, now when I see my Mum I have no “reaction” to her at all – we are able to talk and laugh and have a really balanced and relaxed relationship. Amazingly, the first time I spoke to her after you and I had finished the process she twice made jokes at her own expense about the traits which I'd previously found so annoying. It's as if me no longer being annoyed by them has helped her to relax and let go of them to some extent too. Thank you!”
“Mind Blowing Experience! This was my ticket to a new life and journey. The insight I received was brilliant. It felt good to cry and release. I can only heal from here. Dineshrie was excellent. I believe that she has the natural ability to conduct such sessions. It was amazing to see how everything is linked. I am very grateful for the opportunity. It came at the right time! Thank You!
J. Lodhia

“Since having this session I have a much better outlook towards people and myself. I feel more relaxed realizing that extreme emotions felt towards people (both positive and negative) are just that – extreme, and that the method taught in the session can easily help put things into better, more realistic perspective when feeling overwhelmed. I would definitely overthink conversations and situations before but now it is easier for me to brush things off and focus my thoughts more constructively. Thank you so much for your time and the lessons you taught me.

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