Being a professional in business can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling career paths on the planet. Most professionals have in-depth technical understanding. Extraordinary professionals are those who are able to take their technical know-how and weave a message to large groups of people that inspire; motivate and calls people to action.

The secret to success in business is to master the art of speaking in public.

The public speakers academy programme will increase your confidence in this area. You will be astounded at what you can do once you’ve been properly educated in the intricacies in this field.

Here is just a potion of what you’ll learn:

  • World-class delivery techniques
  • How to get your audience on your side
  • How to structure a high-impact talk
  • How to instill beliefs in your talk
  • How to deliver a talk without notes
  • How to move on stage with purpose
  • How to achieve stage presence
  • How to build a solution-framework
  • And much more!
You’ll learn a step-by-step process to creating an inspirational talk to getting started with your speaking.

What Others Are Saying

"Training was fulfilling and knowledgeable. Helped bridge gaps and identify spaces where attention needed to focus on." Lerato Mashua

"I would like to indicate that I personally learned a lot from the course and it really changed the way I use to understand public speaking." Prince Ngukane

"I have learned a lot on how to present myself to gain confidence when on stage or using a PowerPoint presentation. " Dhanelle Cornelius

"I have learned how to present myself when delivering a speech. I see this course as a big tool for growth in one’s career. " Bongani Mhlanga

"Very well presented. Many new ideas that can be applied not just to public speaking but also can be applied to presentations and or reports. " Abdul Khan

"Dineshrie opened a whole new world of understanding the subtle art of public speaking and presentations. Valuable information and skills to be used during our future presentations." Colin Thatcher

"It was an excellent course, without good presentation skills you will never reach top in corporate world. Most of us only have technical skills and getting involved in presentations will assist in growth to company. " Hennie Joubert CA(SA) - Finance Director at Sembcorp Silulumanzi

"Life changing experience. I wish I had insight into public speaking and structure a long time ago! " Yolanda Oosthuizen

"I have been greatly inspired by the level of detail presented in this workshop. Dineshrie was an intelligent and professional speaker with lots of knowledge as well as advice." Aneesa Haroon

"Dineshrie has a beautiful passion for what she is doing. She knows her topic very well and presents her knowledge and passion in an excellent way." Elize Keyser

“I am impressed with the way you have unpacked public speaking skills, by introducing step by step actions and skills.”

“This training has made me think about my next steps in my career. It has really opened my eyes and increased my scope”

“Powerful stuff! Did not realise how little I really knew about being a “professional public speaker”