Interview Skill Workshop
Dineshrie Pillay’s Interview Skill Workshop is a comprehensive program for people who recognize that being in an interview is not simply about answering a series of questions but about learning a life-long skill of how to self-brand and market yourself as an individual.
Per Attendee Book Online ZAR 1150
Per Attendee At the door ZAR 1450
Being Able To Self-Promote, Network And Communicate Effectively Has Been Highly Sought-after Skills For Thousands of Years And Today It Is Even More Important Than Ever Before.
The truth is that you are probably living your life below your full capacity…You have knowledge, experience, and skills that are being under-utilized. When you learn how to brand yourself, it becomes easy for others to see your true potential.
At the full-day Interview Skill Workshop you will be guided through the Panic-Free Interview SolutionTM and become a more confident, self-assertive individual with increased self-awareness to match.
Here Is How Attending the Interview Skill Workshop Could Set YOU On A Path of Success.
Here is what you will learn:
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