This powerful 3-Day programme will give all the strategies you need for success in business. Whether you are a leader within a corporate or a business owner – this course is for you.

Most people become leaders within business, knowing the details of one aspect of what it takes to run a profitable and highly successful organisation.

Business Partnering Intensive will show you all the tools to create and maintain wealth.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn:

  • How to negotiate & influence others
  • How to generate ideas
  • How to create an innovative culture
  • How to add-value to business units
  • How to raise finance for your business
  • How to sell your service and product
  • Marketing techniques and tactics
  • Business acumen principles
You’ll learn through high-impact processes, games, simulated exercises and experiential learning.
This programme will provide you the opportunity to become the true partner in business.